Terms and conditions

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  1. General Orders
    1. TouristButler is an online shop providing packages of food and non-food products for tourists travelling to Budapest, Hungary.
    2. The Customer who place an order on the www.touristbutler.hu web site should agree to the terms and conditions of the purchase contract which are described in this document.
    3. The Customer accepts this contract’s conditions by placing its order. TouristButler claims that it disposes of all official permits prescribed in legal regulations that are needed for operating, trading and delivery.
    4. The Costumer will receive a registration number via email after processing the order and payment. For cancellation, modification or claim you have to enter this number.
  2. Identifying contract parties
    1. The purchase is made between Memoires of Hungary Bazilika Kft. (1051 Budapest, József nádor tér 11., registration number 01-09-961061, tax nr.: 23342567-2-41) as Seller and the Customer.
    2. Seller is responsible only for products ordered on the touristbutler.hu and delivered by the Seller or the Seller’s trustee.
    3. The Customer should not register. Although for each orders Costumer shall gives its name, email address, mobile phone number, delivering address and billing address. Customer will undertake every responsibility and consequences of providing faulty, false or missing data.
    4. TouristButler will handle the order in the marked period and at the marked address without identification of the recipient person.
    5. TouristButler is entitled to delete obviously faulty or false orders.
  3. Prices and fees
    1. The prices found in the online shop of TouristButler are the final retail prices including packaging and first attempt of delivery. Receiving an order Seller commits itself to deliver the chosen product to Customer for the price of the order.
    2. For second and any other attempt of delivery Costumer shall pay as subscribed in Article 4.
    3. Applicable fees of cancellation and modification of the order are subscribed in Article .
  4. Customer’s responsibilities
    1. The Customer notes that placing an order is qualified as an offer on his part and he is obliged to keep it.
    2. The Customer accepts this contract by confirming his order and if he does not follow these rules, he commits a breach of a contract and he has to take responsibility for it.
    3. The Customer undertakes that he takes care of the receipt and payment of the ordered products according to the delivery and payment methods chosen by itself.
  5. Data Security
    1. TouristButler obeys all data security regulation to ensure that our client details will be kept confidential. No information will be forwarded to any third party.
    2. We are using cookies in order to make your usage of our web site easier and simpler.
    3. Costumers have to give some personal data for processing an order. These data are requested and registered only to carry out orders and to contact you. We do not forward our customers’ data to any third parties.
    4. Costumers have to give some personal data for processing payment. During this process you are in direct contact with the financial service company. We do not ask, do not receive and do not register any data of your bank card.
  6. Cancellation policy
    1. Costumer may cancel or modify its order on the touristbutler.hu website using its email address and registration number. Cancel or modification of the order at least 6 hours prior to the beginning of delivery period is for free.
    2. Due to logistical and delivery costs we charge for a fee of 10 EUR for cancellations and modifications less than 6 hours prior to the beginning of delivery period.
    3. We do not refund the price of tickets, vouchers and cards purchased as an element of our packages.
    4. We transfer the refund, according to 6.1. and 6.2., in three working days after the claim of the costumer onto the bank account from which the transaction was started.
  7. Minimum and maximum order
    1. The minimum value of an order is 20 EUR.
    2. We do not accept order for more than 3 packages.
  8. Claims policy
    1. We receive all claims at …@… and investigate them within 8 working days.
    2. Due to legal regulation and food content of our packages, we cannot provide the Costumer’s right of returning, changing or modifying the delivered package.
    3. The consumer shall check the quality, quantity and condition of the delivered projects upon delivery. Any problems and claims shall be registered on the takeover form. After signing the takeover receipt we cannot accept any new claims on quality, quantity and condition of the whole package or of any content.
    4. Our supervising authorities are Fogyasztóvédelmi Főfelügyelőség (1052 Bp., Városház u.7., tel.:318-2681), Fővárosi És Pest Megyei Mezőgazdasági Szakigazgatási Hivatal Élelmiszerlánc-biztonsági és Állategészségügyi Igazgatóság (1135 Bp., Lehel út 43-45., tel.: 329-7017), Belváros-Lipótváros jegyzője (1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 4.).