Easy and fast

Easy and flexible. We provide you typical packages of food, drinks, tickets and others in 7 categories and in 3 different service levels per categories. We deliver all orders to your accomodation in the choosen time. You can enjoy your stay only in 4 steps.

  • Arrive to Budapest for a party or bachelor day? We help you start the party as soon as possible.
  • Did not have time to organize your stay? We give you a complete package of tickets and passes.
  • Or just want to relax with your partner after a busy day? We provide you the background of romance – the other parts are up to you
  • Travelling without saniteries and toiletries? We send you a complete package of your needs

1. Choose a package

Just choose one or more from our packages than choose a variety of options.

3. Order and pay

Then go for payment which is simple and safe via PayPal.

2. Tell us where you are

Provide your contact details especially your mobile number and accomodation details, and choose an hour to delivery.

4. Enjoy

We deliver your choice to your accomodation in the time of your choosen. You only have to enjoy Budapest!

It’s just a few clicks